Software engineer focused on modern C++ development, especially for embedded systems.
Specialist in C++, domain specific languages, extreme programming, system architecture and design.
Hard working, reliable, creative engineer with strong analytical and problem solving skills experienced with agile methodologies and team work.
Fast and enthusiastic learner capable of quick analysis and understanding of technical documentation.
- C++
- Domain Specific Languages
- Embedded Systems
- eXtreme Programming
- System Architecture And Design


Game/Software Developer (Mobile)


C++ (STL, C++11), Mercurial/Git, Android/iOS/Linux/Windows

Software Engineer

Nokia Networks

C++, TTCN-3, Python, Shell Scripting, Git, Linux

Software Engineer (Test Automation), Intern

Nokia Siemens Networks

Python, GNU Make, Cruise Control, Serena Dimensions, Windows


Wroclaw University of Technology

MSc, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Top grade

MSc thesis: "Recognition of similar images based on cognitive process of human beings"


Nokia Networks

  • Signalling in E-UTRAN/LTE
  • Coaching
  • Team Communication
  • Agile Modeling
  • LTE Advanced
  • Root Cause Analysis Escaped Defect Analysis
  • Concurrent and distributed programming in C++


  • Advanced Github
  • Modern OpenGL with QT
  • Effective Modern C++ (Seminar with Scott Meyers)

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